grade 7 pre technical studies notes

grade 7 pre technical studies notes

grade 7 pre technical studies notes

Personal safety
Observing personal safety is doing activities that will protect us from accidents or getting

Potential hazards relating to personal safety
Unsafe conditions or objects that harm us or cause injuries to us are known as potential safety
Examples of potential safety hazards in day to day life are
1. Fires and hot surfaces which can cause burns
2. Sharp tools like knives which can cause cuts
3. Spills on floors which can cause falls
4. Poorly disposed waste such as fruit peels which can cause falls
5. Heavy objects like rocks, stones which can roll over us or fall on us
6. Items or objects that are properly kept on high shelves which can fall on us
7. Poisonous chemicals that are not store properly can harm us if we touch or drink
8. Poorly arranged equipments such as desks that can cause falls
9. Exposed naked electric wires that can lead to shocks
10. Poorly ventilated rooms that can lead to suffocation

Demonstrating safety while performing various tasks in the locality
Examples of task that we can do in our locality include digging, splitting firewood, pruning
plants, riding bicycles
Some of the safety measures to observe while forming the above different tasks include
1. Always clean spills on the floor immediately to avoid falls
2. Keep a safe distance from your friend when performing tasks such as digging
3. Ask for help when you want to get things that are out of your reach
4. Always be alert around fire. Avoid loose clothing when near fires
5. Use kitchen gloves or a piece of cloth to hold hot kitchen tools and equipment
6. Handle different tools or equipments with care
7. Wear appropriate protective clothing when performing different tasks
Eg wear gumboots while collecting and disposing waste

Handling tools and equipments safely while performing tasks
Tool or equipment Safe use of the tool or equipment
Knife Hold the handle firmly while using it
Keep sharp edges away from your hands
You can also use a chopping board when using it

Sewing needle Wear a thimble

Hold the thread end of the needle firmly between your fingers and
push the sharp end into fabric

Wheelbarrow Hold the handles and push it forward carefully.

Ensure the wheel is moving freely

Pliers Hold the two handles and press them together
Do not touch the cutting parts while in use
Rake Hold the handle and pull it towards you carefully
Ladder Place it against a firm object like a wall or tree trunk and climb on its steps carefully